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30% of UK Firms Hit by Crypto Mining Malware in a Month: Survey

Almost a third of U.K. companies said they were struck by cryptocurrency mining malware over the preceding month, according to new study. In a poll released by Citrix, nearly 60 percentage of responding companies farther signaled they’d discovered mining malware in their systems in any point previously, together with the huge majority of those cases […]

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‘Be Aware’: UK Financial Regulator Sounds Alarm Over Yet Another Crypto ‘Clone Firm’

UK regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a second warning per week Wednesday, August 8, over crypto-related “fraudsters” claiming to be an FCA accredited company. Further particulars of the story will be printed soon. Original post first appeared in https://cointelegraph.com/news/be-aware-uk-financial-regulator-sounds-alarm-over-yet-another-crypto-clone-firm

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Which Countries Are Best to Start Blockchain Projects?

Bitcoin’s growth has spawned greater than only a digital forex revolution. Companies throughout the globe have explored the potential of blockchain expertise in a variety of various spheres, together with cars, phones, and a mess of disruptive options in banking, government and in addition to shipping. Also, it’s not solely the small startups which can […]

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