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Bitcoin Cash Researchers Propose a New Transaction Ordering Rule

Technology & Security This week Bitcoin Cash (BCH) programmers and developers proposed another trade sorting procedure for its BCH protocol known as ‘canonical transaction ordering.’ The suggested procedure would form transactions contrary to their identifiers, in place of the current topological trade ordering principle, which makes it much easier to for the system to process […]

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How Will Bitcoin Solve Its Energy Consumption Problem?

If Bitcoin were a nation, it could be the 40th biggest consumer of power on the planet. A new study paper has emphasized the growing issue as important cryptocurrencies want to fix it. Bitcoin’s Energy Crisis ExploredAccording into the amounts, the quantity of energy used for every trade may run a dishwasher for annually. Alex […]

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Economists Explore Bitcoin’s ‘Equilibrium Price’ in New Paper

Two economists have developed a version for pricing bitcoin along with other resources in decentralized fiscal networks. Their newspaper is obsolete March 21 of the season. Their analysis centers on two major factors: the amount of users – that reflect the demand side – and the hash speed supplied by miners, who reflect the distribution […]

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