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$26K Worth of Bitcoin Sent to Controversial Activist Tommy Robinson

News The contentious political activist and independent journalist Tommy Robinson was shipped Number 20,000 ($26K USD) value of bitcoin, according to local reports, by fans to help pay legal expenses. Robinson was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly violating a contempt of court order. He was delivered to a nearby prison, and lately the court found […]

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Mastercard Had An Outage, So Crypto Had a Field Day

Payments giant Mastercard endured a serious outage a week that resulted in a hold-up in trades. As reported July 12 from the Financial Times, it had a global impact, sparking a round of complaints by the payment company’s customer base. As could be anticipated, those influenced immediately took to societal networking to voice their frustration with […]

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Mastercard Patents a Method to Manage Cryptocurrency “Fractional Reserves”

Technology Mastercard has patented a technique to handle cryptocurrency “fractional reserves”. The large idea behind it appears to be that consumers will have the ability to cover fiat on charge cards partially backed by crypto resources utilizing a centralized platform offering quicker transaction conformation rates. Credit card giant Mastercard (NYSE: MA) has been awarded a […]

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