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Meet Cryptocribs a Rental Service That Aims to Decentralize Airbnb

Sharing market Airbnb is among the most popular online land leasing companies in the world, but sadly they do not accept cryptocurrencies. Now there is a brand new startup called Cryptocribs which offers a peer-to-peer short-term leasing system which uses digital assets such as bitcoin money and ethereum for obligations. Cryptocribs: A Cryptocurrency-established Airbnb There’s a brand new […]

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Is Yet Another Escrow Project to Become a Big Deal for Investment Process?

The notion of escrow services was bringing investors’ attention throughout the previous six months. Numerous startups are encouraging the notion that investing in ICOs might be safeguarded by escrow mechanisms, which have different software. For example, a startup called Escroco, which conducted its pre-ITO and ITO rounds in fall 2017, provided a fund-reserve so as […]

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