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Gox Creditors Agree to $1.3Bil Repayment in BCH, BTC, No Altcoins, by Summer 2019

Gox, the defunct and disgraced bitcoin market (at once the largest in the world) is preparing a last chapter in a lengthy, sorted ordeal. Creditors have coalesced around a repayment strategy to make victims whole. It comprises what may amount to $1.3 billion in returned bitcoin money (BCH) and bitcoin heart (BTC) as early as the […]

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Mt Gox to Enter Civil Rehabilitation in Major Win for Creditors

Creditors of the defunct bitcoin trade Mt. Gox simply gained a giant victory. According to a Friday release from Mt. Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trade’s ongoing chapter proceedings have been paused and a civil rehabilitation course of will begin. The Tokyo District Court issued an order on June 22 approving a petition to start civil rehabilitation, […]

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