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Will Decentralized Crypto Exchange of Binance Change the Landscape of Digital Asset Trading?

One of those giants of this cryptocurrency exchange match has granted users a sneak peak at their most recent offering. Binance CEO, Changpeng, Zhao introduced a very rough version of the system’s newest decentralised exchange earlier now. The CEO was careful to stress that this is a “casual, pre-alpha demo” and it would be erroneous […]

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Binance CEO Confirms Fourth Quarterly Binance Coin Burn

The CEO of the world’s leading cryptocurrency market, Binance, has confirmed it will be moving forward with an impending BNB nominal burn. Binance’s Fourth Token BurnBinance is becoming renowned for supplying so-called ‘token/coin burns’, purchasing back and ruining its own native cryptocurrency (BNB) every financial quarter. The burn has gotten so popular that consumers eagerly […]

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Binance to Record $1 Billion Profit in 2018, Surpassing Major Banks

The cryptocurrency marketplace has decreased by over 70% since the beginning of the calendar year, however the world’s biggest crypto market remains expected to rake in a hefty gain. Original post first appeared in https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/07/07/ / binance-to-record-1-billion-profit-in-2018-surpassing-major-banks/

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