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Miners, Botnets, and Monero Create Perfect Storm for Cryptomining

Several items come together in a perfect storm to make the latest crypto-crime fad: the capability to surreptitiously install illegal Monero miners on miniature computers across the world. Windows servers, notebooks, Android apparatus, and IoT connected apparatus are in danger. Targets tend to be unaware that they have been hacked — unless they are in a position to […]

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IoT Devices Demonstrated to be Vulnerable to Mining Hack at Mobile World Congress

Vulnerable IoT apparatus, from smart phones to safety cameras and smart TVs could be hijacked and used mine cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity company Avast shown this week in the Mobile World Congress at (*****************************************************************************), respectively Spain. The Czech-established company  showcased the difficulty  by providing conference-goers a first look at a “hacked” system, in which inter-connected devices were jointly mining […]

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