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Bitcoin Cash Developers Debate an Idea Called Pre-Consensus

Technology & Security This ago Thursday, the lead programmer of Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Séchet, published a paper on the social networking platform Yours.org about a protocol procedure known as ‘pre-consensus.’ According into Séchet, along with other BCH programmers such as Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun, pre-consensus may improve block propagation period, advantage zero-confirmation reliability and assist […]

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Bitcoin ABC Developers Address a Vulnerability Found

Press discharge On April 26, 2018, the Bitcoin ABC development group have been advised of a crucial issue that applies to Bitcoin Cash miners who had been using the Bitcoin-ABC 0. After assessing the vulnerability ABC programmers produced a patch and spread the new ABC client 0. 17.1 and introduced the applications into BCH mining […]

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ABC Developer Amaury Séchet on the Future of Bitcoin Cash

Interview At the bitcoin cash-focused Tokyo occasion, Satoshi’s Vision Conference, many movers and shakers and cryptocurrency luminaries obtained along with Bitcoin.com’s product supervisor Mike Malley to debate on-chain scaling and spreading BCH adoption worldwide. During this specific video, Malley chats with Amaury Séchet (Deadalnix) the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, and the person who revealed […]

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