Squire Partnership Gives Coingeek Exclusive Rights to 10nm ASIC Chip


On Wednesday, August 15, blockchain company and mining firm Coingeek, directed by entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, declared the firm has signed a deal with Canada-established Squire Mining Limited. Coingeek details that the organization will have exclusive rights Squire’s brand new ASIC processors and mining replacements that mine bitcoin money (BCH) and an assortment of different cryptocurrencies.

Coingeek Partners With Squire Mining into Deploy Next-Generation ASIC Hardware

Bitcoin.com lately reported on Squire Mining Limited (CSE: SQR) procuring $25,500,000 CAD (~$19.5 million USD) in private placement funding and its own exclusive distributor agreement. According into the firm, Squire plans on utilizing the capital to set up a next-generation 10nm application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and mining rig. Following this statement, Coingeek demonstrated that the company has entered into a venture with Squire. The deal enables Coingeek the right to advertise, market, solicit, and market the new ASIC semiconductors and mining channels together with the Coingeek logo and manufacturer.

“This next generation equipment is being designed with a projected hashrate that is expected to be significantly faster while utilizing less power than the leading crypto-mining equipment currently available on the market today,” Coingeek describes.

Moreover, Squire has entered into an exclusive distributor agreement with partners of Bitcoin BCH’s biggest mining company, Coingeek.com, that is awarded the exclusive right to advertise, market, solicit, market and distribute Squire’s brand new ASIC processors and mining replacements into Bitcoin BCH along with other altcoin miners across the world.

Squire Partnership Gives Coingeek Exclusive Rights to 10nm ASIC ChipOver the past couple of weeks, Coingeek has been the biggest bitcoin money (BCH) miner by hashrate.

The Firm Invites All Enterprise Level Miners into Attend Coingeek Week into See that the 10nm Chip Designed by Peter Kim

According into Squire, the next-generation 10nm processors will likely be developed by renowned semiconductor and system builder Peter Kim. Squire signed a letter of intent with Kim on March 14 which comprises the production and commercialization of next-generation 10nm ASIC processors.

Coingeek intends to showcase the brand new mining hardware that this November through the organization’s next conference in London. The company details that first sales will likely be geared towards BCH miners since bitcoin money has incredible usefulness as electronic cash which scales and allows software which use microtransactions to flourish.

“We will have a booth at the Coingeek.com Week Conference during the last week of November,” Coingeek notes).

All enterprise degree miners are encouraged to come to the event to meet up us and discuss exactly how this product can enhance your company.

What would you believe of Coingeek partnering with Squire so as to generate next-generation ASIC chips? ) Let us know your ideas on this topic in the remarks section below.

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