IBM Wants to Track ‘Collaborative Coding’ Milestones on a Blockchain

A new patent application in IBM summarizes a method for programmers to catalogue coding updates and landmarks to a blockchain.

The program — eligible”Blockchain For Program Code Credit and Programmer Contribution in a Collective” — has been printed on July 5 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It imagines utilizing the technologies to make “a secure and robust approach to track and to append information related to collaborative coding for the purpose of credit, reward, and dispute resolution, and for other purposes.”

Put more simply, the point is to utilize a distributed network to monitor the achievements of coders since they work together on a job. As the program indicates, such monitoring may be employed to correctly credit style components to certain developers.

As IBM asserts from the program, programmers normally will need to collaborate to generate a software product, however, a successful strategy measuring a developer’s participation is lacking. The principle underlying the proposed patent is a series that summarizes the code trades and parameters on blockchain blocks.

“Once the new block has been calculated, it can be appended to the stakeholder’s application software history blockchain, as described above. The block may be updated in response to many triggers, such as, when a programmer selects a button on a graphical user interface (GUI) on a computer display showing a code editor to add code, when a unit test has been completed, when a code integration is completed, when an assigned work item is closed, and so forth,” the business goes on to notice. .

IBM itself is no stranger to intellectual property calls connected to blockchain technology, since the USPTO routinely publishes figures filed by IBM.

For instance, one application registered in April reveals the technology juggernaut is trying to patent a way of ensuring a community of linked devices can safely execute blockchain-based intelligent contracts.

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