British MP Calls for UK Blockchain Chief in New Report

A U.K. MP has called on the authorities to appoint a Chief Blockchain Officer in a new report which encircle up the technology to be utilized in government. ‘Unlocking Blockchain’, that has been distributed to all MPs, also claims for a blockchain contest to launch London as a blockchain hub. He has advocated in a new report released by Freer that there ought to be a blockchain specialist in the authorities to drive the technology in addition to adding it into a ministerial brief. The report said: “Embracing the opportunities of distributive ledger technology (DLT) should be fit explicitly —nominally as well as substantively — into a ministerial brief. And a public-facing ‘Chief Blockchain Officer’ should be appointed from within the government’s existing task force to coordinate the U.K.’s strategy regarding the application of DLT to public services and data.”The report included that the function should expand to cover new technology, including artificial intelligence when they begin to overlap. Many crypto organizations are currently using artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, to boost their versions. The report also urges that the authorities should promote Britain as a blockchain heartbeat via a “blockchain competition.”The report went on to say : “An extensive international “blockchain competition” ought to be installed at the U.K. to induce homegrown entrepreneurship and also to lure leading international players to come up with technology here. This should ideally be set in cooperation with major British universities, and financed by companies that could benefit from enhanced federal technological standards. Blockchain and related technologies clearly offer you an immense chance for the U.K.”It also called on the authorities to undertake the “trust deficit.” It advocated the introduction of departmental goals for blockchain performance savings. It implied that these economies could create a “digital dividend” to pass on to citizens or to reinvest. It advocated that a 1% saving that would save 8 billion according to current cost. MP Raises Blockchain in PMQsOn June 6, Hughes increased the topic of blockchain technologies from the House of Commons in Prime Minister’s Questions. In his query, he attracted attention to this report which has since been printed and Prime Minister Theresa May reacted by indicating that he must call it “distributed ledger technology” (DLT) not “blockchain”, but thanked him for raising the matter. He also worried that the actual attention was DLTs. Featured picture from Shutterstock.

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