Another US City Imposes a Moratorium on Crypto Mining


The town of Salamanca at the U.S. condition of New York is allegedly establishing a moratorium on cryptocurrency mining operations at town. This will prevent crypto miners from “using up all the residents’ power and effectively make all of them get a price increase on their utility bills,” a part of the town’s council clarified.

City Council Voted to get a Moratorium

Another US City Imposes a Moratorium on Crypto Mining The Common Council of the town of Salamanca at New York voted on Wednesday to approve Local Law No. Two for 2018 and inflict “a moratorium on commercial cryptocurrency mining operations in the city,” that the Salamanca Press reported.

The news outlet explained that in accordance with this local law:-LRB-***************)

A moratorium would briefly stop software or event, or the issuance of approvals or licenses, for cryptocurrency mining operations at the ‘electric service area’ of the town of Salamanca.

The purpose of the moratorium is to get the town to possess “the opportunity to consider zoning and land use laws and municipal electric department regulations before commercial cryptocurrency mining operations result in [an] irreversible change to the character and direction of the city,” the book hauled. A public hearing about the law is going to be held September 12.

Buying Time into Set Rules

Another US City Imposes a Moratorium on Crypto Mining Salamanca council member Timothy Flanigan, that sits on the town’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU), clarified the BPU “does not yet have all the rules and regulations in place to properly deal with cryptocurrency operations.” Citing the absolute Quantity of energy crypto mining applications, he included “this moratorium buys the city time to get rules in place without a blow to the electric system.”

Emphasizing the requirement to Make Sure that residential customers continue to have inexpensive electricity, ” he chased:-LRB-***************)

The thing this [moratorium] can do would be devoid people of consuming all of the occupants’ power and efficiently create all them get a cost increase in their utility bills because someone else is consuming all of the inexpensive power.

Several other towns from the U.S. have introduced similar measures. In March, commissioners of an energy district in Washington State’s Chelan County launched “an emergency moratorium on new high-density load hookups to give staff time to develop a plan for dealing with the demand for electricity from digital currency miners.” In the exact same month, the City Council of Plattsburgh, New York, adopted a local law prohibiting mining operations at town, as information.

Another little city in upstate New York, Massena, had a similar issue in July. The town’s labs decided to control crypto miners a greater speed for energy rather than imposing a moratorium.

What would you think of towns imposing moratoriums on crypto exploration?

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